FDM-1ME is a compact and easy to install magnetic sludge removal filter, suitable to protect the boiler against magnetic and non-magnetic particles which form during normal operation of the thermal system.

Ferrous residues, algae, sludge and sand that can cause malfunctioning and breakage are removed with ease. Its special shape and reduced size make it possible to perform maintenance while the filter is still mounted: the magnet inside the FDM-1ME can be extracted easily by unscrewing the magnet holder cap, making cleaning operations much easier.


Magnetic sludge removal filter installable with different orientations
Plastic 3/4” connections: reinforced polyamide
Body: reinforced polyamide
Magnet holder cap: reinforced polyamide
Filtering cartridge: AISI 304 L stainless steel
Drain plug and magnet holder cap: brass CW 614 N
Size of effective magnetic field starting from magnet holder: 4500 Gauss
Filtration degree 500 micron
Operating temperature: 4 - 90° C
Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar at 90°C
Protection of system from ferrous residues, rust, limestone flakes, algae
FDM-1ME can be installed with different orientations
Neodymium magnet removable for easy cleaning
Reduced size and compact body
Maximum efficiency