The magnetic sludge removers FDM-2 ensure continuous boiler protection, trapping all the impurities that are in the system, keeping them from circulating thereby preventing the system components

From being worn and damaged (for example, circulators and heat exchangers).
FDM-2 must be always installed in the upright position. It is recommended the installation of shut-off valves before and after FDM-2. The product is available in A, B, C models with different connection and materials.


Main products

FDM-2/A: plastic connection unit with 3/4” and 1” unions: Reinforced PA66 polyamide.
FDM-2/B: brass connection unit with 3/4” unions: CW 617 N brass.
FDM-2/C: brass connection unit with 1” unions: CW 617 N brass.
Body and cover: Reinforced PA66 polyamide.
Filtering cartridge: AISI 304 L stainless steel.
O-rings: EPDM.
Discharge cap: CW 614 N brass - 3/4”.
Magnet: NdFeB - 4500 Gauss - CW 617 N brass magnet container.
Magnet holder: Polypropylene.
Continuous boiler protection
Removing magnetic particles that damage the closed loop
Suitable for in-line installation