The MIGNON CPP HA SX (DOE) anti-scale cartridges are suitable for MIGNON housings, 5”M high and can easily adapt to reduced spaces.

By combining the filter action of the Melt blown polypropylene block with the anti-corrosive and anti-scale efficiency of the polyphosphate crystals, the CPP HA MIGNON SX eliminate sediments in suspension and blocks the limescale action of the calcium carbonate and magnesium present in the waters destined to home and industrial uses.
Maximum capacity 500 l/h. Nominal filtration of 5 and 25 micron.

Main products

Cartridges with pre-filter and polyphosphate crystals for sediment filtration, anti-scale conditioning and anti-corrosion protection
SX cartridges: double open end (DOE) with flat antimicrobial gaskets
Can be installed on MIGNON housings
Filter medium: polypropylene
Maximum operating temperature: 80°C (176°F)
Average duration: 3- 6 months
Maintenance: none
Use with potable water. Do not use with microbiologically impure water or of unknown quality
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
Suitable for small spaces
Complete hygienic safety with melt-blown technology
Gasket fights the problem of bacterial spreading